Jamie Alexander Smith

Hullo an walcome. I’m a jazz pianae player an componer bidin in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My maist recent recordin, Kinesis EP, featurs fower lowse improvisations blandin the straucht-aheid an the contemporar. Hae a listen nou at Bandcamp, Spotify or Apple Music.

“Skeely playin . . .” – Stephen Duffy, BBC Scotland Jazz House


I stairtit playin the pianae an learnin about muisic whan I wis sax or seiven year auld, an syne I hae been in mony a ensemble, frae rock, jazz an funk groups tae brass bands an a orchestra or twa. Forby that, I mak electronic muisic unner the name o Outerattik.

In my youthheid I wared awa a guid wheen year playin classical pianae. Houiver, I niver richt taen til it, an afore lang I maun admít tae bein fou scunnert. I haed kent about jazz an the American sang beuk for mony year — frae sheet muisic my parents haed in the hous growin up — sae I stairtit learnin mair about that, an improvisation in general. I hae syne fund that tae be a hantle better outlat for my creativity.

In 2014 I set furth my first solo pianae EP, the halely improvised Kinesis, an it wis weel received bi reviewers. Sin syne, I hae been haudin forrit an wirkin on a pose o new tuins, an am ettlin tae record mair muisic suin.

Yours aye,



“The hermony an attack o the appenin track pit ye in mynd o Chick Corea, but Jamie Smith — wirkin out o Edinburgh — raiks throu various styles in thir fower solo pianae improvisations, includin a plain ol’ blues. He niver fails tae play wi a compellin logic an sense o development, an the improviser’s trap o airtlessness is joukit. The muisic’s sae coherent it’s awmaist like the pieces wis redd aforehand. It’s a set a body coud happily revísit ony time without fear o gaw or gunk. Recommendit, an can be dounlaidit swith online.”

– Jazz Journal

“Modren, contemporar . . . a gey an listenable solo jazz pianae EP.”

– Bebop Spoken Here
Full review

“[Jamie haes] a nice sense o structur . . . ilka piece is ticht an the EP niver lacks momentum. Kinesis maks me want tae hear mair.”

– Improvised
Full review

“His playin is gleg, an the’re a gey wheen ambítious runs in here, but the maist impressive pairt o this album is hou muckle the hale thing hauds thegither muisically frae stairt tae fínish.”

– Nextbop
Full review

“Gin an octopus haed access til a real beuk, a random page nummer generator an a aicht bar backwarts play rule, that wad be some feat, as is this.”

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Stream Kinesis EP at Bandcamp or Spotify.


Email jamie AT jamiealexandersmith DOT com.